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Premium Eco Nappy

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At Rascal + Friends we are working towards a better future and providing more options for you and your rascals. After in-depth research and testing, we are excited to introduce our new premium eco nappy. A high performing nappy with plant-based features designed for happy rascals and a happier planet. 

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What makes our eco nappy eco?

At Rascal + Friends we want you to know exactly what you're putting on your rascal's bum, so here it is.

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Our Eco Nappy Features

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High back waistband to handle on-the-go movement

Clever grip tabs that stay in place! Made for busy, tired and wriggly nappy changing 

Plant-based topsheet that’s super absorbent and gentle on your rascal’s skin

Soft and strong sustainable tissue wrapped core

Double leak guard to catch any extra leakage 

Cute eco design printed on plant-based biofilm with water-based inks 

Plant-based backsheet that’s soft and breathable to keep your rascal’s skin dry

Sustainably sourced pulp

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We are excited to be making the first steps on our eco journey and for you to join us! We will keep exploring ways to be more sustainable and expand our range of eco products - while maintaining our Rascal + Friends premium performance.


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Do you have suggestions to help us become more sustainable? We’d love to hear! Get in touch here 


Pack Sizes

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20 nappies



18 Nappies



16 nappies


14 nappies

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